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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Music Player is Dead !! Long Live the APPStores....

Last evening I walked into a Electronic Store looking for a New Music Player, the Store had 3D Televisions, IPods, MP4 Players, Blue Ray Players but no music System. Having spent sometime myself I called for some assistance. A Smart looking young guy came up to me and asked “What Are you looking for Sir?"...A Good Music which he replied yes we do have really good ones and escorted to me to a new section where I could see Great cute looking Speakers from Bose, B&O, Sony etc, Nice Sleek Amplifiers from the Denon's of the World. All Around I could see ,one interesting Advertisement flashing across..ALL IP and Internet Enabled. I am more used to looking at such stuff at a local computer store or while browsing for Computing Devices on the Web but never at a store exhibiting Amplifiers and World Class Speakers.

Rewind a few years and the lifecycle was to buy the latest CD and run home or play in the car to listen to the tracks. But ever since High Speed wireless networks have come to Earth to stay I realised that this lifestyle was changing. An Intelligent Smart Device similar in shape to what a Computer Mouse looks has taken centre Stage and when purchased, you get a sleek control Touchpad. The Game has changed. This Smart Device takes over from the current DVD Players..No More CDs, DVDs and yet the Music flows as you want when you want anywhere anytime.

Wireless Networks powered by LTE (Long term Evolution) and Wimax are set to change the lifestyle of how we interact, experience next generation Entertainment. The Smart Intelligent Device mentioned was a simple Plug and play device which could connect to Thousands of Music Tracks but yes through a subscription with one of your favorite APPStore. The TouchPad enables you to choose the APPStore of your choice and once you sign up you enter the world of Music Collection. Choose from Any Language, Cult, Type and you have it all in there and yet you don’t need to purchase any track or album.

You could just sit back relax and choose the track of your choice and let your AMP and Speakers do the rest.

The APPStore Music hosting model is set to change the way we listen, enjoy and maybe create tomorrow’s Music Experience.

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