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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Laptops/Mobiles without battery:Can this be a reality!!! Go Greener..

Ofcourse I believe that Laptops/Mobile Devices can run much longer without the need to run for chargers for days. A Laptop running without power, a Mobile Phone running on Battery for a month with unlimited talktime, unlimited backup, how do they sound.Every such Device generates Heat while they run or while being in use. With the advent and progress we are making in Nano Technology this Idea is not far from reality. This idea deals with converting the Heat Energy into Electrical energy, and this energy will be stored by multiple nano capacitors which will discharge the electrical energy when the device is in use.The conversion to Electrical energy would be done by Nano Turbine which could be 1.5 cms in length, 1 cm in breadth and 1 mm in thickness. So whenever the Device is in use the heat generated would be fed to the turbine which would then generate the Electrical power and this shall be stored by Nano Capacitors. The Stored energy would be used by the Laptop Battery when the level in the battery dips below a set limit.So while you use the Laptop or Mobile the Battery is getting new charge.

Sounds like Toyata Prius..Not far from that reality would be this concept I guess.

Hope some innovative Tech Entreprenuers are reading this...would be glad to discuss more.

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Ranjeet said...

Very interesting! Power consumption of such devices with nano technology will be substantially low as well.
The only issue is, we will loose the excuse of telling someong that the battery died when we did not want to talk to someone :)

Anonymous said...

You may also want to consider human energy expended in the form of typing and mouse movement. Each key stroke/mouse movement could additionally feed a capacitor that could save power. This of course would mean that will be marginal increase in typing or mouse movement load (law of conservation of energy), but I guess with proper design input it could be made imperceptible and could help in shedding a few pounds per year too!