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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Green Mobile - Unlimited Memory - Go Green

Why do People change mobiles quite often, either they lose it, or run short of
memory, look for new features..or simply want to keep up with others. While this is
good for the Mobile manufacturers but Not Good for the Green Revolution. Is Recyclying Mobile the answer to this problem..I dont think Get Get More become more User friendly...cant we Imagine a Mobile with Just a Web Browser that comes with basic Voice,Messaging Features but has Memory scalable to upto 100 GB.With a Virtual Cloud where all the Users applications and Data are processed and stored, such a Virtual Model for Mobile Users can allow them to browse their Applications and Data virtually from anywhere, Mobile Phone, Desktop,Airplane Backrest, Car or a Virtual Wall Panel.Just a browser and one can get connected and be served in the most user friendly manner.What such an idea can offer is a Niche way to introduce Seamless access to Unlimited Data Content and Applications as Users have to frequently change their Mobiles due to Storage limitations,Lesser Computing power and the ability to manage Data Volumes.

1 comment:

Ameer Irshad.. said...

The idea sounds great for the set of ppl who would love to have seamless access to data and the virtual cloud for mobiles is a great feature.Also for people who are more into multimedia aspects of mobile phones can have their content in the cloud.
And for 'green mobile' how about mobile phones manufactured using some self-decomposable material ?