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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Future of Personal TV

The Social Networking industry has completely changed the way people communicate, collaborate and share in the last few years. Every Kid today boasts of an Orkuit or Facebook identity. Why Kids, Corporate Professionals squeeze time out to be on thier Social Page trying to create/share or distribute some new attribute or content.Social networking sites have become ones personal space sometimes leading individuals to simply talk to themselves or express their feelings which they otherwise would have found it difficult.

The Amount of content in the form of photos, videos shared and viewed by Users makes yet another business proposition for Broadcasting business. What if I can shoot, upload Photos,Videos to my TVSpace and share with my friends on the go. No this is not the Internet on TV but my Personal Channel where I decide to broadcast content of my choice to my friends who can watch on demand. And then I can build my own Digital library which can be accessed by my friends on their TV sets on the touch of a channel.What I can then do is create personalised Slots for my audience and all this on Demand.The emerging Cloud Computing models will allow me share space on such clouds to distribute my personal content as my personal TV Channel.

No this is not Youtube nor this is my tube..but the future of Personal TV.

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