Winter In Summer ????

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Winter In Summer ????

The Summer has arrived.Temperatures are soaring, by 9.30 am in the morning the temperature shoots like our Sensex to the maximum making Life on the move a real challenge. For the next 2-3 months most parts of India are to witness Extreme conditions.

Air Conditioners are the answer to this sweltering Heat but comes at a running cost boosting up Power Consumption and increasing Monthly expenses by a Tall order.

Been wondering if there was a way to counter such a problem and to me the Walls of the Building both Inside and Outside hold some answers. The heat factor can be an account of how the Walls interact and react with the Weather ..NO kidding..but they can play a role in isolating the Heat Factor. What if we have Walls that can absorb Heat and release the heat for select type of Utilities. For example the Water Heaters or even Cooking can be Interesting applications.

Now Imagine if the Temperatures can be reduced by 4-5 degrees..Nano Paints designed to absorb heats and transfer the Heat to the Intended Applications can bring down the temperatures Inside the Rooms.

This means Homes and Future homes can be made more Eco friendly and Reusable; Smart Energy options provide better options for a Healthy living.

Needless to mention savings from such Heat transfer can reflect on the Electricity Bills month on month.

Before this technology is rolled out one must offer Humble Prayers to the SUN God for a cooler Summer.

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